"a model school of choice"

Welcome to Ofafa Jericho High School in Nairobi. We are a premier high school serving the community through our quality education services. Every child needs the opportunity to excel. Our education nurtures our students to learn and get equipped for the competitive world.


Shaping the Guardians and Leaders of Tomorrow’s World

Seated at the heart of Makadara division in Nairobi County’s Eastlands, is Ofafa Jericho High School, a premier boys school with a population of approximately 850 students, 42 teachers, and 26 support staff.


Our School

In 1965, the ACK church came together and saw the need to grow a community of leaders who would be the custodians of tomorrow’s world. They knew that for this to happen, there had to be an intentional system of education that would enable such minds to be nurtured and taught. It was through this desire to provide quality education services that Ofafa Jericho High School was born.


We Show it in Results

“For an institution that treasures integrity and nurtures learners with solid work ethics, the result matters to us. We have managed to do well in our academics as well as in non-curricular activities. In the year 2015, we attained an all-time high of 7.78 in our K.C.S.E mean score.

Beyond the school, we have seen our vision to nurture leaders come alive. Our school has produced leading professionals, who have served in top leadership roles, just to mention but a few;
Deputy CEO of Bank of Africa, Senior Pilot at Kenya Airways, Financial Controller at Barclays Bank of Kenya, and Director of Multimedia University, Town Campus.